Current events

Current Issues in Privacy and Technology Law, Fordham Law School

From 20th to 24th July 2020 the online program of the Fordham Law School with the topic Current Issues in Privacy and Technology Law will take place (via Zoom). It will start every day at 10 a.m. and end at 12 p.m. (Eastern Time). Katja will be participating in this event as a discussion guest (leading expert).

The following topics will be covered on each day:

Day 1: Introduction to Privacy Law: Why Privacy Matters
Day 2: Big Brother: Government Surveillance Today
Day 3: Privacy and Emergent Technology
Day 4: Commercial Behavioral Tracking and Algorithmic Discrimination
Day 5: Privacy and the Pandemic

Please find further information, especially on how to participate in the online program and about the speakers, on this flyer and via the Fordham Law School.

SAFE Policy Letter - The Wirecard lessons: A reform proposal for the supervision of securities markets in Europe

Jan Pieter Krahnen and Katja Langenbucher recently published an article addressing the Wirecard scandal being a wake-up call for the importance of securities market integrity. They state that a fundamental overhaul of a fragmented securities markets supervisory regime in Europe would offer the potential to establish an independent European Single Market Supervisor (ESMS). The ESMS would then be entrusted with ensuring a uniform market standard across Europe. The publication can be accessed by clicking here.

SAFE Policy Online-Seminar: A "Game Changer" for Europe's Capital Markets?

On Thursday, July 2nd 2020 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, the SAFE Policy Center organizes an Online-Seminar via Zoom with the topic "A "Game Changer" for Europe's Capital Markets?". In the Online-Seminar, the final report of the High Level Forum published on 10 June 2020 will be a key element. The Online-Seminar will be attended by:

Thomas Wieser, (Chair of the CMU High Level Forum);
Katja Langenbucher, (SAFE, Goethe University and CMU High Level Forum);
Niamh Moloney, (LSE and Bank of Ireland);
Jan Pieter Krahnen, (SAFE and Goethe University).

Please note that a registration for this event is required. To register and to receive further information, please click here.

Final report by High Level Forum on the Capital Markets Union

Katja has been a member of the EU Comission’s High Level Forum on the Capital Markets Union which has published its final report today (10th June 2020). It is available here.

Panel Discussion: A New Decade for Comparative Corporate Law

On Wednesday, 10th June 2020, the High Level Forum´s Report on the Capital Market Union will be published. Thomas Wieser and Sean Berrigan will discuss the report through a live Twitter event which will start at 11 am CET.

You can access this event by clicking here. There will also be an option to ask questions. In order to do this, simply ask your questions through twitter using the #CMUlive.

Panel Discussion: A New Decade for Comparative Corporate Law

On March 26 2020 the book launch for Comparative Company Law (Oxford University Press 2019), by Carsten Gerner-Beuerle and Michael Schillig will take place at King's College London. Katja Langenbucher will take part in a featured panel discussion on 'A new decade for comparative corporate law - what can we expect for the 2020s?', drawing on some of the themes explored in the book.

Other speakers will be: Genevieve Helleringer (Oxford University and ESSEC Business School), Marc Moore (UCL), Michael Schillig (King’s College London) and as Chair Carsten Gerner-Beuerle (UCL)

Conference for the Law and Economics Policy Initiative

Katja and her colleagues from SciencesPo are the organiser of an inaugural conference for the Law and Economics Policy Initiative.

Bok Visiting International Professors Program at PennLaw

Katja has been invited to join PennLaw as a Bok Visiting International Professor in the spring semester of 2021.

The Neuroscience and Law Center of Fordham Law School presents "Cutting Edge Developments in Neuroscience and Law" on February 25, 2020

Katja Langenbucher will moderate the first panel featuring:

Martha J. Farah, Ph.D.
Walter H. Annenberg Professor in Natural Sciences Director, Center for Neuroscience & Society University of Pennsylvania

Paul W. Glimcher, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology
Professor, Department of Psychiatry NYU School of Medicine

Yasmin L. Hurd, Ph.D.
Ward-Coleman Chair of Translational Neuroscience
Director, Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai Professor, Departments of
Psychiatry, Neuroscience and
Pharmacological Sciences
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Adrian Raine, D.Phil.
Richard Perry University Professor Departments of Criminology,
Psychiatry, and Psychology University of Pennsylvania

Please find more information on this flyer and via the Fordham Law School.

Interim Report of the High-Level Forum on capital markets union

On 20 February 2020 the High-Level Forum published its interim report. The report, which does not put forward any specific policy proposals yet, sets out a new vision for the future of the capital markets union and will guide the work of the Forum in the coming months. Publication of the final report is due in May 2020.

Financial Regulation Conference, Wharton School, Pennsylvania

Wharton School’s Financial Regulation Conference is covering regulatory reform, corporate governance, technologies and new challenges. Katja will talk about „Responsible A.I. Based Credit Scoring: A Legal Framework“ and her commenters are Rory Van Loo, Boston University and David Wishnick, Penn Law. The conference will take place on Friday, April 17, 2020.

Please find the conferece's agenda here.

Women in Finance & Law Workshop

The Foundations of Law and Finance Program is hosting a workshop on Women in Finance. Katja will be a discussant for "The New Unicorn Investors – Disruptors or Distractors?" by Anat Alon-Beck, Case Western Reserve University School of Law and take part in a panel discussion on "What Prevents Women from Reaching the Top in Finance?", together with Participants: Alexander Leisten (Country Head Germany, Fidelity International), Susan Christofferson (Rotman School of Management), Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln (Goethe University).

The event will take place on Monday, March 30 at Goethe University, House of Finance, Room E.01 “Deutsche Bank”.

Please find further information on this workshop on this flyer.

PIFS/Harvard Law School Symposium On Building The Financial System Of The 21st Century

The PIFS/Harvard Law School program is hosting a symposium on how to build the financial system of the 21st century, focusing on the relationship between Europe and the United States from 5 to 7 March 2020. Katja will sit on a panel devoted to „Developing Integrated Capital Markets Within and Across Borders“, together with

  • Jonathan Jachym, Head of Government Relations and Regulatory Strategy, Americas, London Stock Exchange Group
  • Stephen Berger, Global Head of Government & Regulatory Policy, Citadel
  • Brett Redfearn, Director of the Division of Trading and Markets, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Please find more information on the symposium on this flyer.

[Cancelled] Deutsche Börse Panel on Capital Market Union

Thursday, 12 March 2020, Fleming’s Selection Hotel Frankfurt-City, Eschenheimer Tor 2, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

"An Economy that works for the people“ is the EU Commission’s motto for pushing ahead with the Capital Market’s Union. Deutsche Börse will host a panel discussing how this impacts Germany and its financial center Frankfurt. Topics include stability of financial markets, reforming pensions with the help of financial markets, enhancing retail investment, sustainability and how to connect to third party states.

Katja will give some introductory remarks and moderate a panel including

Prof. Dr. Joachim Nagel / Member of the Board, KfW Bankengruppe

Dr. Stephan Leithner / Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche Börse AG

Dr Othmar Karas / MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament

For registration and further information please see the invitation and programme here.

Capital Markets Union: More Growth for Germany and Europe

27 February 2020, 15.00 – 18.00 Association of German Banks, Burgstrasse 28, 10178 Berlin

The third Markets for Europe conference will bring together high-level representatives from politics and the economy to discuss why we need a capital markets union and what the next steps towards building a deeper CMU must be. Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz, will give the key-note. The conference is chaired by Peer Steinbrück, former Minister of Finance and member of the Markets for Europe leadership.

Katja will take part in a panel on "The next steps towards building a Capital Markets Union", see the full programme here.

Digital Capital Markets in Europe – The Challenge of EU Market Integration

A conference co-organised by the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law and the Edinburgh Law School on 5th June 2020 in Helsinki will bring together leading experts from financial, corporate and banking law. Katja will participate in a panel on "Regulatory and technological innovation: Creating more efficient, sustainable and responsible EU financial markets" and give a presentation on "Responsible AI credit scoring - A Comparative Perspective on U.S. and EU Privacy and Anti-discrimination laws". Please find more information on this flyer.

Third edition of "Bankrechts-Kommentar" forthcoming

The third edition of "Bankrechts-Kommentar" edited by Dirk Bliesener, Gerald Spindler and Katja Langenbucher is forthcoming in July 2020, covering European and German payments, credit, financing and investing law.

Research group "Finances and society”, SciencesPo, Paris

Katja has joined the research group "Finances et Sociétés" at SciencesPo, Paris. The group brings together a broad spectrum of disciplinary approaches such as sociology, economics, political sciences and the law, see:

High Level Forum on the Capital Markets Union

Katja has been appointed to the High Level Forum on the Capital Markets Union. Building on its goal to finalise the creation of capital markets union (CMU), the Commission on 10 October 2019 launched a call for expression of interest to join a High-Level Forum (HLF) on capital markets union, with a 7 November 2019 submission deadline (see the press release of 10 October 2019).

The HLF is an expert group composed of highly experienced industry executives and top international experts and scholars to feed into the work on the future CMU policies. The group will propose targeted policy recommendations for future CMU actions, to ensure that citizens and businesses can access capital markets across the EU on equal terms and irrespective of their geographical location.

On 18 November 2019 the Commission announced the composition of the High-Level Forum, a list of its members is to be found here: List of members of the High-Level Forum. The High-Level Forum has started its work on 26 November 2019. Watch out for the interim report to be published in February!

Research group "Droit et Economie dans un Nouvelle Ère", SciencesPo, Paris.

Katja has joined the research group "Droit et Economie dans un Nouvelle Ère" at SciencesPo, Paris. Recent developments, such as the rise of big data, of large web based giants or the new challenges raised by climate change or increasing inequalities, cause an important paradigm shift in law and economics.

Such a shift raises numerous questions. Are our laws adequately addressing the new needs of our societies? How do we rethink competition law when players  are growing larger and traditional measures of concentration no longer apply? Should we rethink the articulation between industrial and competition policy? How can we use our economic tools and methods to assess and design rules and regulations ? How does big data affect judicial decision making?

The creation of the group «Droit et Économie dans une nouvelle ère» aims at addressing these questions and generally treat subjects where law and economics are intertwined. It will be an interdisciplinary venture, building on the strengths of the Departement of Economics and the Law School at Sciences Po, but will ultimately involve the entire Sciences Po community. The group will be organized around 3 main themes:

  • Antitrust, Industrial and innovation policy in a new era
  • Big data: consumer protection, predictive justice and use of data in sentencing
  • Environmental challenges: rethinking law and economics

For more information, see:

Watch out for the launch conference with Thomas Piketty, Katharina Pistor, Luigi Zingales and many more in June 2020.

Capital Markets Union and Beyond

Katja is co-editor of a book on the "Capital Markets Union and Beyond", published at MIT Press in December 2019:

Experts from economics, finance, law, policy, and banking discuss the design and implementation of a future capital market union in Europe.

The plan for further development of Europe's economic and monetary union foresees the creation of a capital market union (CMU)—a single market for capital in the entire Eurozone. The need for citizens and firms of all European countries to have access to funding, together with the pressure to improve the efficiency and risk-sharing opportunities of the financial system in general, put the CMU among the top priorities on the Eurozone's agenda. In this volume, leading academics in economics, finance, and law, along with policy makers and practitioners, discuss the design and implementation of a future CMU.

Contributors describe the key design challenges of the CMU; specific opportunities and obstacles for reaching the CMU's goals of increasing the economic well-being of households and the profitability and viability of firms; the role that markets—from the latest fintech developments to traditional equity markets—can play in the future success of CMU; and the institutional framework needed for CMU in the aftermath of the global recession.

Contributors: Sumit Agarwal, Franklin Allen, Valentina Allotti, Gene Amromin, John Armour, Geert Bekaert, Itzhak Ben-David, Marcello Bianchi, Lorenzo Bini-Smaghi, Claudio Borio, Franziska Bremus, Marina Brogi, Claudia M. Buch, Giacomo Calzolari, Souphala Chomsisengphet, Luca Enriques, Douglas D. Evanoff, Ester Faia, Eilis Ferran, Jeffrey N. Gordon, Michael Haliassos, Campbell R. Harvey, Kathryn Judge, Suzanne Kalss, Valentina Lagasio, Katya Langenbucher, Christian T. Lundblad, Massimo Marchesi, Alexander Michaelides, Stefano Micossi, Emanuel Moench, Mario Nava, Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Giovanna Nicodano, Gianmarco Ottaviano, Marco Pagano, Monica Paiella, Lubos Pastor, Alain Pietrancosta, Richard Portes, Alberto Franco Pozzolo, Stephan Siegel, Wolfe-Georg Ringe, Diego Valiante.

Administrative council of BaFin

Katja has been appointed to the administrative council of BaFin. The Administrative Council monitors the management of BaFin and supports BaFin in the performance of its supervisory functions. In addition, it is responsible for deciding on the budget of BaFin, which is funded completely by the companies it supervises and is thus not covered by the federal government's budget.

BaFin's President keeps the Administrative Council regularly informed of BaFin's management activities.

The Administrative Council comprises 17 voting members. The Federal Ministry of Finance appoints six members with technical knowledge and expertise in the subject. These can be stakeholders or persons in positions in financial industry associations or supervised entities, or scientific experts. Prior to appointing a member, the Federal Ministry of Finance will consult with the financial industry associations, which are entitled to recommend three of the six members.

For further information see:;jsessionid=6CDF6A50CC49F2E6F4C0B88F57B5D89D.2_cid372

Research council of the Frankfurt Institute for the History of Banking and Finance

Katja has been appointed to the research council of the Frankfurt Institute for the History of Banking and Finance, see: