Frankfurt Summer School: 16 July - 10 August 2018 - Rechtswissenschaft FB01

During the four weeks participants will discover the city of Frankfurt, take part in a diverse cultural programme, attend German language courses, and seminars provided by researchers and lecturers from Goethe University as well as from partner universities cooperating with Goethe University within the programme of Strategic Partnerships. We offer seminars in three different tracks: Legal Studies, Psychology, and Natural and Life Sciences.

Law in Modern Societies – Fundamental, international and interdisciplinary aspects

The role of law in the 21st Century can and actually must be characterized as ambivalent.

On the one side, law competes increasingly with other paradigms, especially with the economic one; apart from that, the subordination of politics and power to the rule of law still remains a project rather than reality in many parts of the world. On the other side, the juridification of society (and societies) has increased immensely. More and more subject areas are becoming object of legislation, and thus of national and international jurisdiction. In this situation, both an intense – and often interdisciplinary – ascertainment of the new topics, law has to deal with, is required as a recall of the philosophical, historical and comparative fundamentals of law.

The summer school program of the Law Faculty of the Goethe University aims at balancing these interdependent approaches to law and its subject areas using selected examples.

Please note that you need to have sufficient English language skills to follow the academic courses.

All Information about our program is available at: Frankfurt Summer School