Why Frankfurt? - Rechtswissenschaft FB01

Our degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide. We set high academic standards for our courses and offer well-organized study programmes.

Frankfurt is a cosmopolitan and international city in the heart of Europe. Getting here is easy, and getting around Europe, too, so you can make the most out of your time abroad. 

Depending on your exchange programme, expect minimal fees, scholarship opportunities, and many student discounts for instance for museums and public transportation.

Being proficient in another language is an important asset in our globalized economy. And it's always easier to learn a language when you're in a country where it's spoken.

Living and studying abroad is adventure, but you don't have to figure out everything by yourself. Our Auslandsbüro and the International Office are always there to help and guide you.

Frankfurt is the largest financial and trading centre in Europe. Many students work while studying or do internships at one of the many law firms. Networking is easy when it's right at your doorstep!

Experience centuries of eventful German history while sightseeing and discover the university's own turbulent heritage on campus. Frankfurt offers an exciting blend of tradition and innovation, national and international culture and cuisine, hard work and night life fun.

You'll study in one of Germany's most attractive campuses that features a park-like ambiance, beautiful travertine-faced buildings with state-of-the-art lecture rooms, a beer garden, restaurants and cafes.