International Public Authority

International Public Authority provides the focus for a number of projects analyzing the public authority exercised by international institutions. A significant part of world public opinion regards international institutions with considerable ambivalence: many of these institutions have become powerful; quite a few of their activities raise serious doubts; nonetheless, they should be vested with more powers in order to better further common interests. World public opinion voices legitimacy concerns alongside regulatory demands which poses a serious challenge for these institutions. This project, carried out in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, shares this ambivalent view of international institutions. In response, it proposes a theory of international public law.  The purpose of this theory is to identify, reconstruct and develop that segment of public international law that governs the exercise of international public authority. Thereby, we aim at articulating world public opinion in the language of international law by reconstructing and developing the legal regimes governing the activities of international institutions with a view to their democratic legitimacy and effectiveness. 

Recent research projects by Matthias Goldmann focus on the theory and development of the sources of international law, including so-called soft law and the multi-faceted notion of principles of international law.

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