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Aktuelles / News

Out now: "Democracy and Financial Order: Legal Perspectives"

Goldmann, Matthias, Steininger, Silvia (Eds.)


The book discusses the relationship between democracy and the financial order from various legal perspectives. Each of the nine contributions adopts a unique perspective on the legal and political challenges brought before by the Global Financial Crisis.

Each chapter adresses the concept of law from a particular theoretical angle, be it a full-grown legal theory or an approach in political economy that has a particular view of the law.

Conrtibutions by: Matej Avbelj, Thomas Biebricher, Isabel Feichtner, Matthias Goldmann, Francisco Saffie G., Oisin Suttle, Emanuel V. Towfigh and Lars Viellechner.  E-book version available here.

Blog posts and media:

26 Nov 2021: Matthias Goldmann talked to Radio Student about the implications of the coalition agreement between SPD, Greens and FDP for Europe. Program available here.

25 May 2021: "Pay Reparations and Redistribute Prosperity" - new post on Progressive International as part of the “The Debt Justice Agenda” series of Progressive International’s Debt Justice Blueprint.

10 May 2021: In Episode 38 of the Clauses & Controversies Podcast Matthias Goldmann speaks to Mitu Gulati & Mark Weidemaier about Germany’s colonial past in Africa and efforts to use the courts to redress historical and about modern sovereign debt problems. Available here.

30 Apr 2021: New post on Verfassungsblog "Judges for Future - The Climate Action Judgment as a Postcolonial Turn in Constitutional Law?".

29 Apr 2021: "La Corte Costituzionale tedesca boccia la legge sul clima: varare leggi più severe per le generazioni future" Newspaper article in the Italian newspaper la Repubblica on the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court concerning the Climate Change Act (Klimaschutzgesetz) containing a statement by Matthias Goldmann.

15 Mar 2021: New post on Verfassungsblog "Wieviel Gemeinsinn verträgt die Gesellschaft? Was die Thierse-Debatte von der Weimarer Staatsrechtslehre lernen kann".

25 Jan 2021: New post on Verfassungsblog "Maß für Maaßen: Prozessvertretung der AfD durch die Sozietät des ehemaligen BfV-Präsidenten?".

2 Oct 2020:  Virtual conference: "A new EU framework for crypto-assets". Video available here.

4 Sept 2020: New post on Verfassungsblog "Integrative Liberalism: A New Paradigm for the Law of Political Economy?".

20 Aug 2020: New post on Verfassungsblog "Why the Key to the Past Lies in the Future: The Dispute about Reparations for Namibia".

9 Jul 2020: "Sovereign Creditors Must Not Rewrite the Rules During the Pandemic" Commentary on Project Syndicate urging to use Argentina's sovereign debt restructuring to place all sovereign obligations under the new CAC regime. Co-signed by Matthias Goldmann.

30 May 2020: New post on Verfassungsblog together with Francesco Costamagna "Constitutional Innovation, Democratic Stagnation?: The EU Recovery Plan".

6 May 2020: Das BVerfG holt sich ein tro­ja­ni­sches Pferd ins Haus - Gastkommentar von Matthias Goldmann zum Urteil des BVerfG über das EZB-Ankaufprogramm und die Einschätzung des EuGH auf www.lto.de.

6 Apr 2020: Dies ist nicht die Eurokrise - In #4 of the Corona Constitutional Podcast, Matthias Goldmann spoke to Maximilian Steinbeis of Verfassungsblog about the proposal for Corona-Bonds (in German).

5 Apr 2020: New post on Verfassungsblog "The Case for Corona Bonds: A Proposal by a Group of European Lawyers".

27 Mar 2020: New post on Verfassungsblog "Borrowing Time: The ECB’s Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme". Also available in German.


Recent Publications:

Matthias Goldmann/Beatriz v. Loebenstein (2021) "Alles nur geklaut? Zur Rolle juristischer Provenienzforschung bei der Restitution kolonialer Kulturgüter" in: Thomas Sandkühler, Angelika Epple und Jürgen Zimmerer (Hg.) Geschichtskultur durch Restitution? - Ein Kunst-Historikerstreit, Böhlau, Köln, S. 347-385.

Armin von Bogdandy, Matthias Goldmann und Ingo Venzke (2021) "Gemeinwohl im Völkerrecht. Eine Theorie internationaler öffentlicher Gewalt" in: Rainer Forst & Klaus Günther (Hrsg.) Normative Ordnungen, Suhrkamp, Berlin, S. 300-328. Available here.

Matthias Goldmann (2021) "Contesting Austerity in the 1970s and 1980s - When Human Rights Went Missing" in: I Venzke & KJ Heller (eds), Contingency in International Law: On the Possibility of Different Legal Histories (OUP 2021), pp.297 et seqq. Available here. Spanish translation available here (pp.89-129).

Goldmann, Matthias (2020), „Ich bin Ihr Freund und Kapitän“. Die deutsch-namibische Entschädigungsfrage im Spiegel intertemporaler und interkultureller Völkerrechtskonzepte ('I am Your Friend and Captain'. German-Namibian Reparation Claims and the Intertemporal and Intercultural Dimensions of International Law). MPIL Research Paper No. 2020-29, (Post-)Koloniale Rechtswissenschaft, Dann/Feichtner/von Bernstorff (eds.). Available here.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Goldmann, M. (2020). "Financial institutions and social rights: from the Washington Consensus to the Lagarde Concord?". In Research Handbook on International Law and Social Rights. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. Available here.

Goldmann, M. (2020). The European Economic Constitution after the PSPP Judgment: Towards Integrative Liberalism? German Law Journal, 21(5), 1058-1077. Available here.

Matthias Goldmann (2020) Human rights and democracy in economic policy reform: the European COVID-19 response under scrutiny, The International Journal of Human Rights. Available here.

Matthias Goldmann, Kleptocracy Buyouts?: A Response to Professors Blocher and Gulati, 69 Duke Law Journal Online 75-83 (2020). Available here.

Goldmann, M. (2020). As Darkness Deepens: The Right to be Forgotten in the Context of Authoritarian Constitutionalism. German Law Journal, 21(S1), 45-54. Available here.

Goldmann, Matthias: Die Bedeutung intraexekutiver Kontrollen für die Gewaltenteilung in der Bankenunion, in: Zentralbanken, Währungsunion und stabiles Finanzsystem, Festschrift für Helmut Siekmann, Berlin 2019, S. 289.

Matthias Goldmann, "Das German Law Journal: Open Access als Element eines wissenschaftlichen Programms". In: Hanjo Hamann, Daniel Hürlimann (Hrsg.) Open Access in der Rechtswissenschaft, Sonderheft "Rechtswissenschaft", Nomos, Baden-Baden, Seite 118 - 128. Available here.

Matthias Goldmann/Kevin Hinzen, Referendarexamensklausur – Öffentliches Recht: Staatsorganisationsrecht und Aufenthaltsrecht – Gefahr erkannt, Gefährder verbannt?, JuS Probeexamen 2019, Beilage zu Heft 6/2019, S. 636-642.

Matthias Goldmann, Anachronismen als Risiko und Chance: Der Fall Rukoro et al. gegen Deutschland. In: Kritische Justiz 2019, S. 92-117. Available here.

Goldmann, M. (2019). "Relative normativity". In: d’Aspremont, J., & Singh, S. (Eds.), Concepts for International Law. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp.740-759. Available here.

Foreign Investment, Sovereign Debt, and Human Rights. In: Sovereign Debt and Human Rights, Ilias Bantekas, Cephas Lumina (Hrsg.). OUP, Oxford 2018, 129-145. Available here.

Matthias Goldmann, „Völkerrechtliche Vereinbarungen und direkte Demokratie“, 78 ZaöRV (2018) 281-310. Available at beck-online.

Goldmann, Matthias (2018). United in Diversity? The Relationship between Monetary Policy and Prudential Supervision in the Banking Union. European Constitutional Law Review, 14(2), 283-310. Available at Cambridge Core. Previous version available as SAFE Working Paper at https://ssrn.com/abstract=2975998.

Matthias Goldmann, "Discretion, not rules: postunitary constitutional pluralism in the Economic and Monatary Union." In: Davies, G. & Avbelj, M. (eds.), Research Handbook on Legal Pluralism and EU Law. Edward Elgar Publishing 2018, pp. 335-354. Also available at SSRN.

Goldmann, Matthias (2018) "Public and Private Authority in a Global Setting: The Example of Sovereign Debt Restructuring," Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies: Vol. 25: Iss. 1 (Spring 2018). Available here.

Matthias Goldmann, “Sources in the Meta-Theory of International Law: Exploring the Hermeneutics, Authority, and Publicness of International Law.” In: The Oxford Handbook on the Sources of International Law, Jean d'Aspremont, Samantha Besson (eds.). Oxford University Press, Oxford 2017, 447-468. OUP Website

Matthias Goldmann, "The Great Recurrence: Karl Polanyi and the Crises of the European Union", 23 European Law Journal (2017) 272-289.

Working papers 2017/2018:

Goldmann, Matthias, The Entanglement of Sovereignty and Property in International Law: From German Southwest Africa to the Great Land Grab? (October 28, 2018). Available at SSRN.

Goldmann, Matthias, Hopes of Progress: European Integration in the History of International Law (October 8, 2018). Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law & International Law (MPIL) Research Paper No. 2018-26. Available at SSRN.

Declaration of Matthias Goldmann before the SDNY Court in the case of the Ovaherero and Nama Peoples v. Germany (April 25, 2018). Available at SSRN.

Matthias Goldmann and Grygoriy Pustovit, "Public Interests in Sovereign Debt Litigation: An Empirical Analysis" (May 2018). Available at SSRN.

Matthias Goldmann, "Foreign Investment, Sovereign Debt, and Human Rights" (January 17, 2018 - update July 2018). Chapter for Ilias Bantekas and Cephas Lumina (eds.), Sovereign Debt and Human Rights, OUP 2018 (forthcoming). Available at SSRN.

Matthias Goldmann, "Relative Normativity" (March 08, 2017). Chapter for Jean d’Aspremont and Sahib Singh (eds.), Fundamental Concepts of International Law (2017 Forthcoming). Available at SSRN.

For further working papers, please consult my author's page at SSRN.