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You are visiting the website of Matthias Goldmann, Junior Professor for International Public Law and Financial Law. Here you will find information on my research and teaching activities. Please also consult my profile page at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law.

Aktuelles / News

+++ Aug 2017: Karlsruhe Refers the QE Case to Luxembourg: Summer of Love +++ 

16 Aug 2017: New post on Verfassungsblog "Summer of Love: Karlsruhe Refers the QE Case to Luxembourg" 

18 Aug 2017: Interview with SAFE Policy Blog "Karlsruhe Refers the QE Case to Luxembourg: Summer of Love" German / English

Aug 2017: Safe policy letter No. 58: "Karlsruhe Refers the QE Case to Luxembourg: Summer of Love"

3 May 2017: "Integrated European Financial Supervision": Interview with Matthias Goldmann on SAFE Policy Blog on the possibilities and obstacles concerning a further centralization of supervisory competences. German Version / English Version

New working papers 2017

Goldmann, Matthias, "United in Diversity? The Relationship between Monetary Policy and Banking Supervision in the Banking Union, SAFE Working Paper No. 178 (May 1, 2017). Available at SSRN.

Goldmann, Matthias, Relative Normativity (March 08, 2017). Chapter for Jean d’Aspremont and Sahib Singh (eds.), Fundamental Concepts of International Law (2017 Forthcoming). Available at SSRN.

Goldmann, Matthias, The Great Recurrence. Karl Polanyi and the Crises of the European Union (April 22, 2017). Available at SSRN.

New publications Spring 2017

Armin von Bogdandy, Matthias Goldmann and Ingo Venzke, "From Public International to International Public Law: Translating World Public Opinion into International Public Authority", 28 European Journal of International Law (2017) 115-145.

Goldmann, Matthias, "International investment law and financial regulation: Towards a deliberative approach", in Christian J. Tams, Stephan Schill and Rainer Hofmann (ed.), International Investment Law and the Global Financial Architecture (Elgar, Cheltenham 2017) 57-85.

Goldmann, Matthias, "Freihandelsabkommen und Steuergerechtigkeit: eine menschenrechtliche Perspektive", 21 MenschenRechtsMagazin (2016 (2017)) 115-128.

Im Sommersemester 2017 ist Herr Goldmann in Elternzeit und wird keine Lehrveranstaltungen anbieten. / Matthias Goldmann will be on parental leave from April through September 2017 and will not teach any classes during that time.

In June 2017, Matthias Goldmann will teach a course entitled "Human Rights and the Governance of Sovereign Debt Crises" at the summer school on human rights law of the Academy of European Law  in Florence, Italy.

14 March 2017:  "Le gouvernement de soi et des autres" - read my post on Verfassungsblog on prohibitions against Turkish government members to campaign abroad (in German).