Global Law Forum

Global Forum at Goethe University
Corporate Responsibility from a Comparative Perspective

September 28 – October 2, 2016
Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

 Global Forum on Comparative and International Law

In the spirit of intellectual cooperation and international understanding, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Goethe University Frankfurt Faculty of Law, Tsinghua University Faculty of Law, and Waseda University Faculty of Law have established the Global Forum on Comparative and International Law. The topic of the Global Forum 2016 is Corporate Responsibility from a Comparative Perspective:

In the course of the last decades, economic activities have globalized to an unprecedented degree. Within most developed national economies, even small and medium size enterprises will often heavily engage in cross-border activities. This development is, unfortunately, accompanied by a continuous increase of corporate misconduct. Manager civil liability and commercial criminal law proceedings are becoming commonplace, which has inter alia resulted in a loss of trust of market participants and the public in the proper functioning of the markets and their regulation. The public perception of many corporate misconduct cases and the reporting on them, however, often display a (disconcerting) blurring of the lines between law and moral.

The Global Forum will approach and dissect the phenomenon of corporate misconduct from various perspectives—i.e. civil, criminal and public law—while looking at both individual and corporate responsibility and the treatment of cases that remain isolated within one jurisdiction and such events that may touch on several markets if not the global economy as a whole. In doing so the Global Forum will attempt to highlight the multiple ways with which legal orders may try to steer behaviour by providing requirements applicable to economic activities, which are feasible and adhere to the principle of legal-certainty.

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Meeting Agenda (outline)

DAY 2:           Thursday, September 29 2016

9:30 am
Registration and coffee, Campus Westend, Room IG 1.314, Eisenhower Saal

10:00 am
Welcome Remarks [Eisenhower Saal]

10:30 am
Session I: Liability for Violations of the Directors' Duty of Care in German Corporate Law
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Andreas CAHN, LL.M. (Berkeley), Goethe University

11:15 am
Session II: Corporate Civil Liabilities based on Disclosure Violations in the Capital Markets - Analysis of Case Law and Legislative Developments in Japan from Comparative Perspective
Speaker: Prof. Etsuro KURONUMA, Waseda Law School

12:15 m

1:15 pm
Session III: Motivation for Code Compliance Beyond Shareholder Wealth
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Brigitte HAAR, LL.M. (Univ. Chicago), Goethe University

2:15 pm

2:30 pm
Session IV: Corporate Governance, Riskmanagement and Compliance in the finance sector
Speaker: Ms. Daniela WEBER-REY, Goethe University

3:30 pm

3:45 pm
Session V: D&O Insurance in Japan and Germany
Prof. Satoshi NAKAIDE, School of Commerce, Waseda University
Prof. Dr. Jens GAL, Maître en droit (Lyon) & Prof. Dr. Manfred WANDT, Goethe University

DAY 3:           Friday, September 30 2016

9:00 am
Forum participants leave for the European Central Bank (ECB)

9:30 am
Session VI: (ECB)

12:00 pm

1:00 pm
Session VII: Hot Topics in German White Collar Crime Law: Corporate Criminal Liability, Untreue and Internal Criminal Investigations
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Matthias JAHN, Richter am Oberlandesgericht, Goethe University

2:00 pm

2:15 pm
Session VIII: The Marginal Status of Social Responsibility in US Corporate Law
Speaker: Prof. William BRATTON, University of Pennsylvania Law School

3:15 pm

3:30 pm
Session IX: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and Labor Law in Japan—The Lessons from the Nomura Securities Case
Speaker: Prof. Makoto ISHIDA, Waseda Law School

4:30 pm

4:45 pm
Session X: The Challenges of CSR for Multi-national Corporations
Speaker : Prof. Jill FISCH, University of Pennsylvania Law School

5:45 pm
Presentation of Student Case Study

6:30 pm
Student Dinner (possibility to discuss case study)
Schöneberger, Berger Straße 237, Frankfurt am Main


DAY 4:           Saturday, October 01 2016

9:00 am
Session XI: Students continue to work in small groups

10:30 am

11:00 am
Students Present Team Projects

12:45 pm

1:00 pm
Concluding Remarks

1:30 pm
End of Sessions

2:00 pm
Global Forum Closing Lunch
La Divina, Feldbergstraße 30, Frankfurt am Main

Download dieser Agenda im PDF-Format hier / Download of this agenda as PDF-File here